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General Information

Ege University Odemis School of Health was establıshed in 1997.There is only one department which is nursing dept. The school is located in Odemis where is130 km away from Ege University campus. Odemis ıs a typical town of aegean region and has a lot of historical places around the downtown.
The School of Health is in a modern three story facility with 4 classrooms and lecture halls, a lıbrary, a nursıng skills laboratory, and a DVD room. The school building which was constructed by French army is at the center of Odemis.
In the department, where a contemporary Nursing education is given, the education period is for four years, excluding the first year for english preparation. Students not comprehensive in english must attend a one-year Preparatory Program offered by the school foreing languages. Once yhe proper comprehension level in English obtained, students can then begin the first year in the department. In 2005, approximately 180 students are being instructed by 1 professor, 1 assistant professor, 13 nursing instructor and 2 research assistant. School of Health is a key that wıll open many doors for you as a profesional nurse .

Qualification Awarded

The Bachelor's Degree in Nursing is awarded to students who have successfully completed all courses in the curriculum.

Admission Requirements

High School Diploma

Placement through a centralized national üniversity placement examination

Educational and Professional Goals

The goal of the Nursing Department is to encourage energetıc and capable nurses, committed to leadership in improving health care, to apply to its programs. So, the first year of courses mainly consists of physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, parasitology, introduction to nutrition, anatomy, histology, fundamentals of nursing, psychology, introduction to nursing and deontology to bring the knowledge level of student with different backgrounds to the same level of health knowledge, the second, third and fourth years include basic nursing courses.
In the second year of curriculum optional courses are offered including a wide spectrum of nursing courses.

The graduation thesis under taken in the fourth year places an emphasis on the introduction to research and development and is submitted as a thesis.
Students spend totally twelve weeks in Ege University Faculty of Medicine research and Application Hospital for their summer training (each lasts for 4 weeks) at the end of the second, fourth, sixth, semesters.

Access to Further Studies

Graduates with the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing may apply to taught and research graduate programmes in related fields.

Examination and Assessment Regulations

Students must attend classes, practices and examinations. Students’ attendance is followed by the Nursing Instructor. For all compulsory and elective course there are written examinations. Dates of midterm examinations are announced by the Deparment in the first month of the semester. Two midterm examinations and one practical examination are given for practical courses. On the other hand, two midterm examination is given for other courses.
In addition to midterm examinations and other work, students are required to take a final examination. Final examinations are held at the appropriate place and hour as decided and announced by the Department. Students are given a make-up examination for any examination which they have not attended if it is accepted by the School Administrative Comittee that there exist genuine and valid reasons for this.
Student assessment methods are separately proposed for each course, being based on written exams, reports, homeworks, seminar presentations and performance in laboratory work. All courses, the grade is found by adding fourty percent of the midterm exam and sixty percent pf the final exam grade.
For the evaluation final exam grade must exceed 60 or be equal to 60. If this grade exeeds or equals to 60, the student will be successfull from this course.